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June 23rd, 2019

Multnomah County Courthouse

Portland, OR

“You’re lucky our cameras caught that, and that there were a few officers looking your way, otherwise we’d be booking you for assault.”

“Yes sir,” Tate answered.

“As it is we’re letting you go and we’ll be escorting you to your wife this time. Alright?”

“Yes sir.”

“I don’t care what they say or what they do, you don’t react this time. Am I clear?”

“Yes sir.”

The moment for talking was over as they exited the building from the front again, the chorus of chants and howling reaching them even before the doors opened to let them out. The protesters were still there, as he hadn’t been booked this time following the testimony of the cops that had ran out to save him from the mob.

He couldn’t even make out the words they were saying now, but in truth he didn’t want to as they were pressing in close to the cops that had him between them, daring to get just a little closer as the cops raised their canister’s of pepper spray.

Those that got too close were doused, but all he cared about was getting to his wife’s car that he could see on the curb once more, this time guarded by no less than three police officers that kept the protesters, and the Antifa members, at bay.

It took only a handful of seconds to get him out of the courthouse, down the steps, and into the car, but to Tate it felt like much longer as he finally got in the car and belted himself in.

“Where’re the girls?” he asked, sitting back as he closed his eyes.

“They’re with my mom,” his wife, Shyla, replied, “You really think I was going to bring them down to this mess? That scared the living shit out of me.”

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“Are you okay?” She raised her hand in thanks to the cops as they waved on ahead, leaving the protesters behind as they continued to chant and throw expletives about.

“Aside from a headache I’m fine. The jail doc checked me out and I didn’t have a concussion at least.”

Shyla couldn’t help but give him a wan grin as she said, “The one time you decide to give a shit…”

He grinned back, “Yeah, I know.”

(to be continued)

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