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Some people might be appalled that I would bother suggesting to leave Trump alone since they would likely state that if I’m not against him I must support him. Others might say that ignoring a problem like what he represents is just going to send our country to hell in a handbasket even quicker. But the one reason I’ll say let him be is this: it’s getting tiresome.

It’s very true that Republicans talked about Obama over and over and even made him the butt of their jokes on occasion in TV shows and in political cartoons, but for all that Republicans didn’t like the man they didn’t seem to hold him up as being this important to their everyday lives. In this case Trump has been touted every single day no matter if it’s someone defending him or someone trying to bring him down a peg.

For the latter, please grow up. Anything and everything you’ve said has already been said a hundred times before and it hasn’t made much difference to this point. He’s not a great person, I get it, and I don’t support the man any more than a lot of you do. But going on and on in your daily quest to make fun of the man and drag his reputation through the muck, you believe, is not helping anything.

To those of you that support him, well, there’s not much to say since most of you will support him and go on your merry way, just as those that supported Obama did the same. Wait now, you mean that when the person you want in office is there you calm down, while when they’re not you speak up? Strange how that works.

In all honesty though, the insane rhetoric and the attention given to this man hasn’t had the effect that people have been going for, no matter that they believe that they’re chipping away at his presidency. You want to be vocal? Fine. You want him out? Fine. But cat-calling and continually making fun of the man is only making you look bad, not him. If anything he’s likely sitting the White House laughing his ass off.

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