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Let’s not get anything twisted and take this as my attack on religion, okay? People are allowed to worship as they will and what works for one person might not work for another. Instead of an attack consider this a debate on the fundamentals of belief and what it means to really dig into the roots of it all.

Faith unifies people as it is the core principle behind any religion. If you ascribe to a religion without faith then you’re paying lip service to a group without truly believing in anything they say. In many was this is an effort to belong to something without having to give up anything in the process, and it’s a hypocrisy that far too many people are guilty of in this world. Quite often, too often in fact, it is the product of a mind that wants to avoid being ostracized when it’s discovered that they don’t belong to any particular group. Faith however is unifying in that people of different religions can, with a good amount of tolerance, can still get along despite their differences.

Religion is not inherently evil, yet neither is it inherently good. It is the collection of rules and guidelines laid down by imperfect beings that wish other imperfect beings to join in and create a community that is based upon, you guessed it, faith. Faith takes a back seat, in a way, when religion becomes organized, as the code of ethics and guidelines that are established tend to become the driving principles behind the religion and the main focus that people notice and apply. Faith is still necessary, but at times it becomes less of a concern and therefore is allowed to slip into the background.

Most religions however cannot exist without faith as it is the most fundamental principle of any religion that simply cannot be done without. Faith can exist without religion, but religion without faith becomes a social club that has no other real point other than to bring people together. If not for faith, religion would likely not exist in the first place.

Faith is, quite honestly, the most basic thing in the world, and is the easiest thing to follow as it has no set rules. Faith is simply the idea that we believe, without question, and trust without reservation.

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