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So who exactly thinks that life is supposed to be fair? Who thinks the world is supposed to be fair? In all honesty the idea of fairness is, as much as anything, a human construct. To be frank though this construct is usually made up by humans to cover up the horrible iniquities of a world that we don’t always understand and therefore want to imagine will be fair and nurturing to everyone, not just those that nature deems worth of survival. Does that sound a bit simplistic? Well it is really since the world doesn’t give a damn what we think when it comes to fairness.

To the world, fair is something that exists when the lion is fed and the herd is thinned. It’s fair when the wolf is able to feed their pack and the deer are kept in check. Fair is when things are balanced and able to harmonize with one another, and fair is definitely a transient idea since it’s never the same thing to anyone at any given time.

We like to think that we’re a species that wants everything to be fair and equal within our ranks, no matter who we are or where we come from or how we live our lives. But the moment that idea is challenged in any way fairness shifts gears and becomes a different ideal for many people since it’s not a concrete idea that can be set in place and expected to carry the same weight with every person.

Life isn’t fair, we know this from the moment we’re born and have to endure the cold air that greets us as we’re expelled from a warm and comforting place. What’s our first instinct in life? To cry about the unfair treatment we’ve been given and in our own way denounce our current predicament. Sadly, some people will go on doing such a thing for the rest of their lives.

Let’s not preach about what’s fair in life and what’s not, since quite often what’s fair for us is not as fair for others. You want to cry about life not being fair? Find a psychiatrist that’s paid to care about what you think. Otherwise, suck it up and get on with it like the rest of us.

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