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No one likes to give in to anyone else when it comes to getting what they want. It tends to feel as though you’ve given up, that you’ve betrayed a principle of some sort, and that you got the worse end of the deal. That’s a compromise, and it’s not a dirty word or anything as negative as what could possibly happen if one side wins out and the other side loses.

A compromise is, more or less, the agreement of each side of an argument that is reached after both sides make a concession regarding whatever issue is at hand. This is of course something that many people have had to learn throughout their lives since we don’t always get what we want and at times we have to learn how to give a little to get a little. One would think that those in our government would realize this and do the same.

You could make the argument that they do this on a fairly regular basis, but it’s hard to take note of this since the unless one bypasses the media to take note of what’s really going on all we seem to see is conflict, arguing, more conflict, more arguments, condemnation of one party by the other, and a whole lot of nonsense that goes on between those that were elected to lead us.

I’ve seen children compromise over a favored toy quicker than our government can compromise over anything.

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