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Ever notice how some folks will whine and piss and moan about being unemployed even if they’re healthy, able, and can take just about any job that is offered to them? Here’s just a few things you might here on an average day, and things I know I’ve heard.

“This is my first job, I wanted a high-paying position.”

Well, are you educated? Do you know anything about the job? Is there any reason why you should be getting the kind of pay that a five-year employee is getting or are you just whining about having to start at the bottom since you have no experience?

“I can’t get a job in Trump’s economy.”

Go ahead and slap yourself once and then twice across the face and see if that knocks any sense into you. It shouldn’t matter what economy we’re in, there will always be menial labor jobs and other types of employment that are willing to hire people that have little to no experience and there might even be jobs that will be available if you have experience but aren’t getting what you want. There are times when you might have to lower your standards until another job that you’re qualified to do comes along, but until then, don’t turn your nose up at an employment opportunity when you need it.

“It shouldn’t matter what I look like, they can’t discriminate against me.”

This is a sticky one since you can look to the picture above and get a good chuckle before reading ahead. Jobs don’t have the right to discriminate when it comes to a number of things. But if you don’t fit the image that they’re attempting to push then the chances are that you won’t be getting hired over someone that’s willing to conform to their style. If you’re sporting tattoos all over your body and have to work in a very high-class establishment they can easily find a loophole to not hire you, especially if you come in with an attitude. Jobs want you to represent them, it has nothing to do with who you are, but everything with the image you present.

“I have a very strict schedule that many jobs don’t abide by.”

Guess what? That’s not their problem. They’re in business to make money, not to cater to your needs. It’s possible to luck out and find a job that will work with your school or social schedule, but don’t go in expecting them to say okay to any disruption in their business. The moment you expect something from a job is the moment they might be looking past you to the next person.

“I have mouths to feed!”

Then get your butt to work, and don’t be picky about what you accept. It’s not hard folks. There are so many opportunities out there for people who are educated and those aren’t that just walking down the street should afford many people a handful of chances to do something that will bring home a paycheck. But crying and moaning, last time I checked, only works for those that plan on using GoFundMe because they’re too lazy to do anything else.


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