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You would think this would be entirely easy to discover, right? Well the truth of it is that some parents either can’t see it or will refuse to see it, thinking that their kids are just ‘particular’ ‘choosy’ ‘free-spirited’, or even just ‘willful’. Yeah, they’re willful alright, willfully snotty and entitled without a doubt. The worst part however is that it’s the parents that tend to cause this in numerous ways and then wonder just how their kid got so out of control. Most of them don’t want to take a look in the mirror to see just what went wrong and then fix it.

Here’s another great example of this:

But getting off the parents for just a bit, because some of them when they hit the wall know very well that they’re complicit in this and will at least think of ways that they can change. The kids that have been allowed to get away with their bs for so long are, at some point, able to at least conceive of right and wrong, and while some might change as they grow, some will continue to want the spoiled, entitled life and think that they deserve it. And woe to anyone that tells them the truth, that they’re entitled to absolutely nothing.

Anyone from a working-class or poor background know what it means to actually get up and earn what they have? The entitled brats of the world could use a good lesson it seems when it comes to actually paying their own way and figuring out just what they’re owed in life. Has anyone else mowed lawns for their money, or raked leaves, or cleaned houses, or done any kind of manual labor or grueling task that left you tired and sore at the end of the day but feeling good about yourself all the same?

Yeah, it’s time to let the generations after us remember just what that’s like. If you don’t want your kid feeling as though the world owes them anything, make it clear and to the point that it doesn’t. That, or cut them off the moment they think that you’re there for their pleasure, and see how quickly their attitude changes.

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