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February 4th, 2020

Things hadn’t gone quite according to plan, but they’d been close enough. As of now there were seven people located upon the island she’d called home for several months now, and island that she had no intention of going back to, even if she had to drift on the waves for days to come. As she’d found already the ship was well-stocked with food and drink, and was a comfort that she believed she could get used to for as long as she desired, which would be just as long as it took to find a suitable spot to beach the craft and then move on.

She’d realized her way of thinking had altered slightly when she had ceased trying to peacefully subdue the people that came ashore looking for those that had been lost, but it hadn’t seemed to bother her. It didn’t bother Patch either, who had rumbled along beside her and even taken some interesting luring the people from their safety in numbers to try and catch her or at least see where she’d gone.

Amazingly it had only taken one night to subdue them all, as she had taken them by surprise, every last one of them, before either choking them out or beating them over the head with whatever was at hand and was heavy enough. With the captain of the boat she’d gone ahead and used his flashlight when he’d dropped it in fright upon seeing her step out of the shadows of a copse of trees. He’d almost squealed like a little girl and had even backed up a step when she’d darted forward to grab the flashlight he’d dropped.

Using vines and even the ropes she’d taken from the small dinghy she’d had to appropriate to actually reach the yacht eventually she had secured every last individual that had come ashore to a tree somewhere on the island, and it had been long and arduous work, but thanks to Patch and her own dogged determination it had gotten done. The man she’d really wanted hadn’t come ashore, and neither had one of the crew members. As they’d put it they hadn’t believed that anyone was on the island, but with a gun trained on them she believed that they’d been honest enough.

When she’d told them to jump ship the prick had actually been defiant though, telling her that he didn’t think she’d shoot him. The handgun that had been taken from the captain proved to be pretty loud in the enclosed cabin, but thankfully it had found its mark. The former object of her affection had gone sprawling to the floor with two less toes on his right foot. Thankfully the bullet had stuck in the floor and hadn’t gone any further.

The last crew member hadn’t had any trouble jumping ship then, and when she’d suggested to the cocky bastard that had left her that she could raise her aim a few feet he’d almost gone white with shock, but he had obeyed. Getting the boat in gear had taken a while, but she’d been confident enough that nobody would be making their way back anytime soon to hinder her efforts.

With a little doing she’d been able to get the anchor raised, start the boat, and then even wheel it around to head off in the direction she believed they’d come from initially. When she’d heard someone shouting she hadn’t even thought about it and had left the helm to go aft and see the man that had left her shouting at her, calling her every foul name in the book and more, and asking what they were supposed to do. She’d smiled as she shouted back, “Beats me! You’re on your own!”

Since that moment she’d been unable to stop smiling.

The End

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