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As adults that were born in the 70s or earlier a lot of us have likely run into this issue with younger kids that look at the things we grew up with and call them ‘old’ or ‘outdated’. You can’t blame them really, those things we thought were commonplace back in the day are now seen in the same light that we saw the devices of our parents and grandparents, great for their time but woefully outdated in our own.

There are a great many people that would state that technology should have ended at a certain point, but given how much technology has advanced and how much good it’s done that’s a rather ridiculous statement. Sure it’s become something of a bother at times and sure it’s managed to turn people in zombies now and again as they walk around looking at their phones instead of raising their heads now and again. There are ups and downs to just about everything when it comes to the wide gap that exists between every generation.

We’re all different from generation to generation, this is as unavoidable as the fact that things have been changing regularly from one decade to another. Things change and we have to roll with them, but one thing does remain the same despite the gap that continues to grow between the older folks and the younger. We accept and respect what came before that helped what exists now to come to light.

Get that? If we didn’t have the devices and technology we had back in our day then those we’re raising now and those that have grown up with the current technology might still be doing the same things were doing as kids, and the world wouldn’t have moved on for better or worse. There’s an increasing gender gap that’s existed for a long time between generations, it’s there and it’s best to just acknowledge it. But overall, it’s best to also remember that each generation needs the one before it to advance, otherwise there’d be no basis to draw from in creating the new and improved versions.

Just remember that young ‘uns, without you the world wouldn’t keep moving forward, but with out those of us that have been there, you wouldn’t have been given the chance.


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