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February 3rd, 2020

“I want you to know this is nothing personal.”

The eyes of the woman that tracked her as she moved from where she’d tied her unwitting victim off to a nearby tree didn’t make it seem as though she believed her. The woman was scared to death, that much was obvious. But seeing as how she and the others, there were seven of them in total, four crew members for the ship and three guests that had chartered the boat for a three-day outing that had taken them to several islands already before they’d come here.

She hadn’t known just how far she was from the mainland, but now she had a very good idea. The woman had told her that it had taken roughly three to four hours to reach this site, and that it was considered to be one of the more remote islands that people enjoyed visiting. This time of year though a lot of people avoided the islands due to the rainy season and the storms that were known to come through the area.

What information she’d gotten out of the woman before she’d gagged her with a strip of cloth torn from her shorts had been that the other people on the boat would be expecting her back soon. That was okay, it added to the effect if she wasn’t. She wanted them all to eventually wander onto her little place of isolation, to make them feel how it felt to be on their own and possibly left without anyone to come help.

She really wanted the man that had left her here to feel that way though. There was a special place she had in store for him.

In a way she felt as though she’d gone a bit psychotic, but it felt justified all the same. Looking once more at the frightened and tightly bound woman she made her way towards the shoreline where the boat was moored, Patch hot on her heels.

(to be continued)


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