Sigh, does anyone remember this at this point? The people are here to keep the country running, and as a result we need people at the top, people we can TRUST, to run things and govern them, not to pursue special interests and argue incessantly among one another like children in a schoolyard. Has that lesson been forgotten?

Both sides seem content to stymie the other and never find a way to seek common ground unless there’s an advantage for their side. Sounds like grade school, doesn’t it? So long as their side gains a distinct advantage they’re happy, otherwise they’re going to play a giant game of tug of war with the nation and its interests in order to see just who can come out on top. In the meantime, the people that elected them are either tugging on the same end of the rope or are stuck in the middle wondering what in the hell they’re thinking.

It’s about the people, remember? So how do we go about fixing this and reminding those in power that they serve at the will of the people, not the other way around? There a bunch of theories on what needs to be done and a great many ideas of how to fix things, but right now it would seem that getting their attention is the key point that we need to work on.

Any ideas?

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