A lot of us like to watch fight scenes in movies don’t we? The choreography and the way they flip through the air, dodge punches, and then kick the living snot out of each other is simply great entertainment. But let’s make this clear, the moment you try to drop kick someone in the chin, the groin, or try to slam your fist into their face or other part of their body you’re going to realize the difference. This might seem like a giant ‘duh’ moment, but there are still a lot of people out there that think they can growl like Bruce Lee or Jean Claude Van Damme and apply the same attack techniques while kicking some major ass.

The reality is this though: you will get your ass beat into the ground if you try most of these moves.

You know why you never see this kind of thing in real life? Because those that actually know how to fight know the damage it will cause and know that if their opponent isn’t at their skill level that they could really hurt them. There’s a great deal of discipline that’s taught when it comes to fighting, and those that have learned how to hurt people don’t tend to go out of their way to do so. Those that have no idea what they’re doing will likely try and likely fail.

In the movies it’s great to see opponents teeing up on one another again and again, taking hits and kicks that seem to have little effect on them. In reality those hits and kicks would put a person down if they were delivered from someone that knew what they were doing. This doesn’t happen in many movies obviously since the directors want to go for dramatic effect. But if you want a good example go watch the UFC. These athletes are trained, they endure the kind of pain and conditioning that turns them into hardened warriors, and yet when they step in the ring if they get hit just once the right way they go down like a stone.

In the movies it’s easy to paint anyone as a hardened fighter that can take multiple blows and not be phased. In real life, bones break and bodies can only take so much punishment before they begin to shut down. So to any would-be warriors out there, think about the damage that could be inflicted with a lucky shot and then find another way to settle your differences.

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