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Back in the day wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t the best answer in the world, but it was certainly effective sometimes. Back in the day people couldn’t trash talk on the computer and then run away. If they did decide to talk tough and then cut and run they were called out immediately on their bs and made to look ridiculous. If you walked away from a confrontation without flapping your lips you managed to save face even if it made you look like a coward.

Back in the day people either backed up what they said or they backed down because they knew they’d said something foolish, or perhaps had said the wrong thing to the wrong person. These days you can hide behind your PC and act like you’re the toughest individual that’s ever walked the earth. You can call yourself a social justice warrior because you have the belief that you stand on a moral high ground and can prove it with facts that are pulled from one article or another.

Back in the day we handled our business when things got out of hand. If someone said something we didn’t like, we might let it slide since words are words and don’t mean as much. But if someone got in our face and decided to act in a manner we didn’t care for, or dared to cross that line and push us without provocation, the odds were good that we’d push back, and even harder to get our point across.

Back in those days it wasn’t any more legal than it is now, but it was a lot easy to understand, and it was lot easier to justify. Should someone get in your face and call you on your behavior or your words it’s time to back them up with a mind-blowing revelation or a swift and decisive amount of action that will get them to back off. Otherwise, don’t bother talking.

Back in the day it wasn’t always legal to handle our business the way it needed to be. But it got done all the same. Know why bullies weren’t such a problem back then? We did something about it.


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