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Article after article, video after video, and one opinionated person after another have gone over and over this when it comes to equality between men and women. We want it, there’s no doubt. But if we want it, then some folks, not everyone, are going to have to realize that equality comes with a heavy price.

Women and men won’t be able to perform certain biological functions the same way, this isn’t how things work and that’s obvious. But when it comes to educational opportunities, workplace opportunities, and life opportunities, things do need to be equal.

But what happens if a woman can’t perform the same kind of work as a man? What happens if a man can’t do as good a job as a woman? The answer should be pretty simple, they get paid based on experience and the job they do. There are of course a lot of varying factors that will go into each side of the debate, such as who is taking care of the children, if there are any in the equation, and therefore can’t work long hours. Who is willing to work those longer hours, who makes what choice when it come to their education, career, and who will seek out the more high-paying jobs.

This isn’t something that should spark the kind of debate but it does since people want to know why women don’t seem to gravitate towards the jobs that are paying more. It’s very simple, if you can do the work then you can get the same pay. If you can’t do the work then no one is going to say “oh of course I understand, I’ll let the other person work themselves to the bone and pay them less so that you can get the same amount for doing less work”. Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

One of the biggest concerns ladies isn’t that you’ll supplant men. We want you there, we want the help, and we want you on equal ground with us, since quite honestly this is how things work the best. But we want to know that you’re not going to demand things be handed to you in an unbalanced manner that you didn’t earn. Men need women just as much as women need men, we can’t pretend otherwise and be honest. But if we’re going to be equal, stand up and take your share of the load, and let’s work from that point forward. Anything else needs to be figured out as we go so that things can remain equal, not so one side can cherry-pick what they want and toss out what they don’t.

You want to be equal, own that statement. Otherwise you’re asking for favoritism.

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