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Not only is paying someone less for the same job illegal, but the gap is actually a lot smaller than people seem to think. Why is this? Well, it has to do with education, career choice, lifestyle choice, and a host of other things that too many people tend to forget on a regular basis since they’d rather sit around shouting about how sexist it is to pay a woman less than a man.

Equality doesn’t simply mean getting paid as much as a man, it also means taking on the same responsibilities, job-wise, that men do. Sorry ladies, the education you gain and the skills and experience you acquire do deserve recognition, but until you’re willing to undertake the same risks and work the same hours as a lot of men in the fields that are considered to be high-paying this gap might continue to be a reality.

On one hand there are professions that aren’t paid enough for the type and amount of work they do, such as social workers, early childhood education teachers, and a few other professions that are dominated by women. On the other hand, if a woman makes her way into a male-dominated field then it’s imperative that she be able to work the same hours and take the same risks as those men that are perceived to be getting more than women without deserving it.

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