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February 2nd, 2020

There were other people on the island. They’d arrived just a few days ago in a craft that was anchored just off shore, bobbing in the water as the strangers came to and fro. Much of the time they’d stayed on the boat, though during the days they made their way along the island, exploring and trying to see what they could find that might be of interest.

They’d found the last lean-to she’d made and had spent nearly an hour or more trying to call out if there was anyone there. She had been sorely tempted to say something, anything, just to talk to another human being again, but the moment she’d thought such a thing it had died on her lips. She had been prepared to call out from the place of concealment she’d been watching from, but instead she had looked upon the people that had been milling about the area where she and Patch had spent their days when not moving about, and she’d seen a face that had set her heart to racing.

The tan complexion, short-cropped brown hair, and sparkling, almost azure blue eyes had halted her in her tracks. This was the man that had left her here in the first place. He was the one that had left her laying on the beachfront and had never returned. The long and short of it was that she had fallen for this man several months ago and had decided he might just be the one she wanted to spend her life with. But she’d remained undecided, and despite the good times they’d had with one another, there had been something about him that hadn’t settled right with her.

He had left her here without food, without supplies, without even a scribbled note or shouted word of explanation. One moment she’d been lying on the beachfront enjoying the warmth of the place, the next she had heard an engine growl. The moment after that she had watched as he had departed in his own boat, a seagoing vessel that was much smaller than the one currently anchored off shore, but still able to weather long distances apparently.

Seeing him here made her blood boil, but it also gave her an idea.

(to be continued)


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