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This isn’t a liberal or conservative issue to be honest, since both sides have been pretty rough on the men and women in blue throughout the years and the vitriol these protectors have received isn’t always earned. Do some of them deserve to be stripped of their badges? Certainly, there are always a few bad elements in any group that are bound to make the others look bad through their actions.

But the idea of labeling all cops as bad and as tools of a fascist government is not just asinine, it’s borderline dangerous. Those that bother to call cops fascists and racist are the same people that tend to call for the police the quickest when they’re being assaulted or somehow maligned. And what can the cops do but their job? They’re here for everyone, not just those that they feel are worth the trouble. While there are those that have done some pretty horrible things in the past, both long ago and recent, they aren’t the entire police force. Their actions aren’t enough to condemn an entire police force that is there to protect and serve the people.

I’ll be one of the first to say I don’t care for cops, as my own issues with authority are kind of broad and keep me from truly liking anyone just because they were the uniform. But by and large I can easily respect those cops that are out there doing their best each and every day to protect the citizens and make sure that they’re safe. They have an unenviable job that they selected, to keep people from harming one another and uphold the laws of the land.

Some of them get a bit out of hand at times and go too far, this is the unvarnished truth. But the majority of cops are there to protect and serve the people, not harass and harm people needlessly. Think on this when you see a cop, they might be decent folks, or they might be someone with an inferiority or superiority complex just waiting for a person to pop off. Whatever they are, they’re bound by the laws just as much as you are, but they’re job is a lot harder.

These are things to think about for those that enjoy catcalling police officers. Be grateful they’re bound by law to protect you.

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