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When it comes to education everyone is different, this has been proven over and over throughout generations of students that have gone on to do great things or have failed miserably and blame everyone else for the way their lives turned out. Of course there are those that figured that education didn’t do much for them, and those are usually the saddest cases since the educational system is there to help people learn how to open their minds, not tell them how to use it.

Now you might be thinking that the latter part is at least partly untrue and you’d be right. It’s imperative to show and tell students how to use their own imaginations and their own through processes to do what they want. But all in all it’s more important to teach someone how to step outside the box and let them peer around for a while than to keep them firmly ensconced in the system and force them to repeat verbatim everything that’s been dished out to them. Some people actually learn this way, while others need the freedom to expand and really see all their options before they decide to commit to anything.

There are many goals of education, but learning is the core principle and the one thing that will distinguish a success from a failure. There are such things as a ‘good’ and ‘bad’ education, but the only real distinction between the two is whether or not you’ve been told to think for yourself or if you’ve been require to think in the manner that the people in charge want. The more you think for yourself, the more you’re bound to learn.

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