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I don’t support Trump.

“Oh, you’re okay then.”

I don’t condemn him either.

“Then you support racism!”

(Shakes head, sighs) So I suppose if we were to say that we support the need of an animal to hunt and kill their prey we’d be called murderers too, right? Oh wait, wait, that’s beyond the scope of the conversation, as liberals would likely say, and has nothing to do with issue at hand. But why wouldn’t it? Why would anything by association be okay to assume?

I’ll be one of the first to admit I don’t care for Donald Trump, never have and possibly never will. But we’re past 2 years into his presidency at this point and despite the fact that he’s still an orange-faced clown that seems content to spout off on Twitter far too often his policies haven’t sunk America into the bowels of hell just yet.

In all honesty it’s the actions of those that want to think that they’re radicals fighting against racism and tyranny that have our country closer to the brink than anyone. Trump certainly isn’t doing his part to still the fires, but he’s also not the one that’s sent Antifa to combat any potential ‘threats’ to liberals and he’s definitely not the one that has been instigating the BLM movement that has gotten way out of hand.

Does anyone else tend to think that BLM now stands for Being Lazy Matters? Having heard this on a YouTube video I found it funny enough to repeat, thanks Adam Calhoun. But in all honesty, being racist is a horrid way to live, not to mention that it’s divisive and detrimental to this country since the amount of diversity in the US makes it absolutely necessary to get along with your fellow human being.

Why can’t the other side get that point? Okay, Trump is a joke, we get it, but calling everyone that agrees with anything he does a racist is a poor punchline that’s been worn through over the past couple of years.

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