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January 31st, 2020

So far as she could tell, the island was at least two miles wide by twice as many long, and had a vast amount of resources that she and Patch had found in their searches. Unfortunately it was also directly in the path of a great deal of weather patterns that seemed content to dump whatever the flavor of the day happened to be on their home from time to time. Thankfully she had learned how to fashion lean-to’s and how to utilize the cavern system where she had found Patch’s parents months before.

She’d moved into the one of the larger caves that she had found along with the panther, using it when the weather was so tumultuous that staying outside was not an option. Only a month before severe lightning storm had struck the island, several strikes hitting the ground with such murderous force that she and Patch had been able to feel the impact from their place of safety. This place was massive in scope, at least to them, but it was also a finite system that she had learned would only yield so much in a given time.

Back in the world she’d come from she had never thought much about limiting herself when it came to what she ate, what she used, or even how it was provided. Here, she was quickly learning to utilize everything she had in order to survive. Patch had been a valued companion for this entire time, growing quickly over the first couple of months but staying just big enough that she didn’t have to wonder what might happen if the panther thought it best to see her as another source of food rather than a companion.

So far everything was going along fine, but only a couple of days earlier she and Patch had been given reason to worry about their continued existence in this place….

(to be continued)


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