Quite honestly I don’t buy into the whole idea that the Irish are all drunks that value drinking over anything, but this series of videos that show them trying various foods and drinks is simply priceless. In the best way Ireland, I applaud those of you that look to America and other countries and think us a bit off our rockers for the things we like and value. It’s a compliment in some ways and easy to agree in others, but overall these videos are just fun to watch.

This one however, the episode in which they try some of the strongest alcohol that America has to offer, is one of those that shows their appreciation of what we as Americans can provide to the world. Of course there’s a better way to say that we’re worth something by what we offer, but this video is a fun and engaging way to see what the Irish, some of them at least, have to say about the veracity of our alcohol.

Right from the start you can see a couple of them just aren’t up for it, as they’re both hungover and not ready to do ‘extreme’. But they’re good sports and go for it anyway as they plow through each shot and find a way to keep it all down. Their reactions though are just priceless, as a lot of Americans, alcoholics likely, would probably drink some of this stuff down like water, if only because their taste buds are shot and their livers are ready to shut down.

Ireland, I salute you, because quite honestly some of your folks know how to create some of the most engaging and amusing videos. Cheers Ireland, love ya.

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