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Does this look familiar?

Honestly I wish this wasn’t an example of reality and just a cartoon, but in this day and age it’s all too real since we have people that don’t seem to understand simple biology any longer.

Great, you want to call yourself a woman, great, you want to call yourself a man, great, you want to call yourself….um….something. But given whatever equipment you’re dealing with you kind of need to ascribe to whichever bathroom is best-suited for you. It’d be great if there were unisex bathrooms in every possible location where a lavatory is to be found, but until that happens, the respect you want from society is going to have to mirror the respect you give in return.

YES, that mysterious thing we call ‘respect’ is not just a term that applies to those that happen to think that hetero, or wait cisgender individuals are living in denial. You want it, you give it, simple as that. In terms of your biology though, if you look like one or the other then people are likely going to call you by one or the other. Asking to be called ‘he’ instead of ‘she’ is going to be met by resistance of course, but those that are willing to understand and comprehend will no doubt conform to be polite and respectful so long as you point this out without being overly aggressive or offended.

You’re not the new wave, believe it or not, and you’re not as original as you think. In fact for a long time in the span of human civilization a third gender has been prevalent in many cultures. So if you think you’re the newest and trendiest thing, think again.

Biology is a fact of birth no matter what you want to say you are. If you’re born with a Y chromosome then you are going to defined, by nature, as male, no matter if you chop that off, get rid of those, and add those, fill in the blanks here. Even being modified into a passable member of the opposite sex won’t change the core DNA of an individual, which is one sticking point that many people don’t seem to want to acknowledge. You are MALE, or FEMALE, at your core, no more and no less. How you look on the outside is up to you, but on the inside, you will be one or the other, not a changing, fluid being that can switch back and forth.

Am I a bigot? Nope, I’m a realist that liberals would label as a bigot. Well if we’re going to be passing out labels kids, get ready for the hailstorm.


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