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What do you think about when you see something for free? A lot of people take advantage of it right away and think that they’re getting away with something, that they lucked out and the person giving it away doesn’t know what they had. But really, when you’re getting something free there’s no pride in it, and there’s certainly no sense of accomplishment. Why? Because you’re not contributing anything to society when you accept free stuff, you didn’t do anything to get it, and therefore you’re taking advantage, better yet, you’re accepting PRIVILEGE, that you didn’t earn.

Economically this is a horrible idea since the question is; why is anyone going to work when they’re simply given what they want? This talk of so many things being deserved, of people desiring things for free, is kind of a joke, and a bad one at that.

You want free college? Who doesn’t?

You want free healthcare? Of course!

But ah, there is there is the question of just who’s going to pick up the bill since in reality nothing comes for free. Every civilization that’s ever existed has known this, and as brutal as it can be, if you can’t pay, you might not survive. That sound harsh? Welcome to the world.

You want free college? Fine, apply for grants and scholarships you won’t have to pay back. Oh darn it, that means you have to work for it. That’s almost like saying you don’t deserve it, isn’t it? Why yes, yes it is.

You want free healthcare? This is a bit of a stickier issue since all human beings have the right to survive, and healthcare is in fact being touted as a human right, but many are willing to fight over this issue as the means of preserving one life is not the same as another. Guess what folks, in a communist or socialist environment this would mean that a lot of people are going to be SOL or have to explain why one person is getting better care than another. In other words, if you want it for free then you’re going to have to be able to justify just why each and every person can’t get the care they WANT versus the care they NEED. Try explaining that one.

So, getting stuff for free. Yeah, not gonna happen on any widespread scale anytime soon, especially when it comes to education. Why? Well, are YOU going to pick up the bill for the nation? Oh, right, we already are.

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