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It’s true that women haven’t had a fair shake in this country for a long time, but as Bob Dylan once said “the times they are a-changin'”. Oh, is that not right? Women aren’t in positions of power? Women aren’t allowed to own property? They’re not educated? They’re not allowed to be as free as they want to be and say what they want to say? They don’t have equality?

Wait, all that’s incorrect? Well damn, what’s keeping women so hot under the collar these days then? Oh right, the ‘patriarchy’. As in, the same nonsense myth that keeps men working harder, with longer hours, and was all but forgotten by Republicans and Democrats alike until Trump was elected to the office of the president of the United States. Yes, that patriarchy.

The same patriarchy that apparently has its foot on the necks of women all over the United States. The same one that somehow lets them up enough to yell in the ear of any male they deem a misogynist for having an opinion different than their own. The same idea that makes it seem so impossible for women to take time off from work, you know, the jobs they fought for and are still not happy with, to protest and march over and over while screaming and ranting about how the patriarchy is keeping them down, how the patriarchy is hurting them in so many different ways.

Feel that lightness in your pockets? It’s from not working, and has nothing to do with the patriarchy.

Wait, your boss doesn’t want to let you go marching when you should be working? Oh my, the patriarchy must be behind it all, because there’s nothing the patriarchy likes better than forcing you to march in protest while ignoring the job that puts money in your pocket.

Let’s be honest folks, the patriarchy may or may not exist, but to those ladies, not all of you I understand, that think that you’re being held down by a mythical force that doesn’t want to you succeed, GROW UP. You want equality? Go out and get it. You want to get paid what men are getting paid? Earn it, show you can do the same job and do it just as good if not better. You want equality? Then you take everything that comes with it, not just the few things you might want.

Don’t blame something that has no bearing on whether you succeed or not.

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