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In the society we’re born into, no matter where we’re born or what family we’re born into, regardless of race, color, or even nationality, at one point we can look at one another and realize that at some point in our lives each one of us is going to experience an upswing, and a downturn that will end up defining us in one manner or another.

The societal teeter totter is quite honestly one of the more accurate measures of life within the USA, and the world over to be honest. Think about it, everywhere you go people are born with one thing that never differs from one location to the other. We’re born with free will. From the least intelligent to the most well-educated individual in this world we all have it. That free will is what makes us capable of doing great or horrible things during our time on this world. It’s what allows us to say that we won’t be subjugated or we won’t be held down. It’s the one thing that no one can take from another without a serious struggle beforehand.

In society free will is important as it’s what drives us to do great things, to build things that will last, that others will benefit from, and that everyone will have a right to at one time or another. The teeter totter breaks down however the moment that one participant decides not to do their part, or perhaps decides that the status quo is just fine as it is and decides not to participate in the growth and application of free will any longer.

I get the feeling that one side or the other in any debate would gladly look to the opposing side and point the finger, claiming that the other side isn’t doing their part. But guess what? If you’ve got time to complain, then you’re not doing your part either, since the effort to make the other side care, to push back in a way that will inspire them to move and actually do something useful, is what it takes to keep the back and forth action going.

It’s never going to be entirely fair, as there will always be the haves and the have-nots. But so long as the balance is being kept and the scales continue to tip back and forth without stagnating then the system might still be broken, but it’s moving in a manner that will always shift towards balance every now and again.

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