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That sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it? Yet for all that people want to argue, it’s the unvarnished truth. From the wider world we live in to the personal world we experience on a daily basis, nature just doesn’t care if you don’t like how things are going, it’s going to do its own thing regardless.

In terms of animal activism, those animals that you protest are being treated so cruelly wouldn’t give one damn about humans if the roles were reversed. If we were the food source and they were the ones farming us they’d still be just as likely to keep us penned up. And the whales and other creatures that people are desperately trying to save? They don’t care for humans at all if you want the honest truth. Some of them will respond to kindness as it’s in their nature and they’ll gladly respond to those that don’t seek to harm them. But others will gladly rip you to pieces. Why? Because it’s their NATURE, the same thing that’s hard-wired in each and every one of us.

So honestly and truly you can preach about how humans are supposed to protect nature and revere it, but all the same, nature will do what it wants in accordance to the designs that were laid down long before human beings were even a glimmer in the future to come. This world has existed long before us, meaning that everything from the weather patterns to the animals that roam the fields and waters have learned how to cope in a manner we have yet to grasp. Believe it or not, they’d keep going in that same direction had humans never existed.

Nature doesn’t need us, we need nature. Remember that and you might be better off, hopefully.

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