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This kind of speaks for itself but I’ll say a few things at least. Too many times in the past few years we’ve been quick to jump to conclusions since a lot of us feel that our opinions are the right ones and that we can stand on this since we’re holding a sort of moral high ground that’s not negotiable. Unfortunately for many of those that tend to think this the ground under their feet tends to shift from time to time and a lot of people simply deny that it’s happening.

What’s going on is that we’re being forced, or coerced, to try and see the other side of any given issue. Those that ignore this attempt are usually those that don’t want to have discussions, they’d rather believe that their way is right and to hell with everything and everyone that doesn’t agree. But those that feel the shift do at least take the time to look at the other side and come to a better understanding of what it is they’re against and if they’re still willing to fully condemn it based on their opinionated beliefs.

That being said, a discussion is an open and very moderate method by which to talk about the beliefs of both sides in a very calm and understanding manner which allows both to bring their arguments to the table without rancor of any sort, and to discuss why they think the other side is mistaken, or what can be done to reach a compromise that might satisfy both sides.

It’s easier and much more productive to have a discussion about differences between both sides than it is to shout and rant at one another in a nonsensical fashion.

But then again, it is amusing to watch resulting YouTube videos…..


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