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March 5th, 2018

By the end of the second day he’d reached the end of the parched and heat-baked landscape, but his steps were shuffling and unsteady as he made his way towards what he hoped wasn’t a mirage. In the near distance he could see what looked like a beaten-down old building that was somehow still serviceable despite the decrepit look it presented. Bright neon lettering that might have flickered and barely illuminated the sign it was attached to announced it as the WayStop Diner, a clever name for another era that fell woefully flat in this day and age.

The dark ribbon of asphalt that separated him from the dusty parking area of the diner was thankfully empty for what looked like miles and miles in each direction. The sand-dusted front windows of the place were currently blocked by blinds that were no doubt to keep the sun from pouring in to disturb the diners. Of course looking at the parking lot he could guess that this place didn’t get all that crowded during the daytime.

Mustering up the nerve to move forward after giving another cautious look to the left and then the right he crossed the two-lane thruway and made his way to the diner. As he came closer and closer he could feel his throat clenching and his mouth began to water from the smells that were emanating from within. Despite not having any customers it would seem that the proprietor was still bound and determined to keep things ready.

He wanted to go in right now and order as much as his stomach would hold, but he had something that needed to be done first, and it would only take a second. He’d waited for a couple days now to eat and to drink, he could wait a few seconds more.

(to be continued)

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