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Sometimes you’ve got to be the person that gets in there and starts something in order to get anything done. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be aggressive, irate, or even argumentative, but the key to getting anything done in this world is to actually step in from time to time and understand that you need to kick start something in order to cause a chain reaction that leads to something else getting accomplished.

People won’t often thank you for it unless the result is entirely positive, but if you’re the one that gets something great going then you have the satisfaction of knowing that you made a difference and were able to change the world in some small way. Of course if you start trouble just for the sake of it then people will pounce on you without mercy if they find out that it was your doing, as they should.

The balance point that rests between being a positive influence and negative instigator is constantly rolling along a tremulous line that one has to navigate carefully in order not to tip the scales too in one direction or the other. But all in all, don’t be afraid to get in there and be the instigator, just know when and where to do it.

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