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Where the rivers run wild and always flow

You’ll find a place beyond the clouds and over the hill

The mountains will rise and their peaks be white with snow

While lakes without bottom the valleys will fill

Adventure the wild and unnamed terrain

Around twisting curves and treacherous bends

To the thunderous applause and wild refrain

Within the pages of a story that never ends

One tale after another no stopping to pause

Find no rest for the weary here

Upon wicked fangs and tearing, hooking claws

And uncertainties the wise know to fear

To gilded halls and treasures vast

To tales of making amends

You’ll find me there, waiting at last

For the next chapter in the Story that never ends….

The Story doesn’t end when we do, as each generation has the responsibility of continuing it further, no matter what form it may take. It stops, but it never ends.

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