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So I’ve gone over what a feminist is like and what they want to do, kind of, now comes the feminazi. Wouldn’t you know it, there’s a definition for them too!

a radical feminist.

The term ‘radical’ isn’t inherently negative since it has to do with fundamental change, which isn’t always a bad thing. But if you look at the picture and think about what feminazi’s seem to want, and oh yes, there are plenty of them out there that call themselves feminists and act far beyond the tenets of feminism, it’s to basically upend the role of men in society and show other women that they are far more powerful and are being told, by society, that they are lesser beings in various ways.

Instead of going on an insanely long rant I’ll just address a few issues that feminazi’s would no doubt love to tear me apart over.

  1. Manspreading

Okay, it’s true, some men do widen their legs way too far when they’re on trains or buses and it’s not appropriate. But ladies look at this way, for those men that aren’t trying to do the splits or just alert the world to their big brass cojones, the idea of manspreading is kind of ridiculous since the biological fact is that we do have testicles, and like it or not, putting our legs together without taking the effort to tuck them down and back can actually hurt. This is why men tend to sit with their legs apart, because to keep them clenched together would mean that a very sensitive part of our body would suffer for it.

2. Phallic Symbols of Patriarchy

Oh I got a good laugh at this one since it makes me wonder if feminazi’s walk into random forests and rail at nature saying “I resent your phallic nature!” Think about it, so many things in this world could be deemed phallic in nature that it seems any self-respecting feminazi (an oxymoron I know) would have a meltdown just opening her eyes in the morning. Phallic fallacies are everywhere, they’re everywhere…..

3. Sexual Harassment

Okay yes, this is a big issue and it is something that’s been quite serious in the last few years. But to this point it almost seems as though saying ‘hello’ is going to get someone slapped with a sexual harassment suit. Ladies, if someone says hello or asks for a moment of your time you of course have the option to say no, but it does pay to hear someone out before you jump to the conclusion that they’re trying to jump in your pants. A good amount of the time that’s not the case.

Honestly I’d love to hear people’s opinion on this if only because it might lead to a rather interesting discussion.


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