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September 9th, 2019

She froze in place, keeping a wary eye from where she was propped up, taking in everything, every last bit of movement that she could see from her current vantage point. The noises didn’t come again, but heartbeat felt as though it must have been audible from a hundred yards out it was going so fast and so hard. She had no weapons, not even a stout or sharp twig that she could have used to defend herself. There might be a few loose rocks at hand, but taking her eyes from the mouth of the cave wasn’t an option at this point.

Another sound grabbed at her attention as she heard something scuffing across the rocks just outside the cave, as though daring to come close but not come into her sight. If there was someone else on this island there might be the possibility that she would at least have the chance to converse with someone else. She wouldn’t have to listen to the voices inside her head calling her names for finding herself stranded here. But if the person out there was anything but friendly she wouldn’t be able to do much unless they got close, in which case…

The scuffling came again, and her breathing quickened as the pain in her leg flared once again, reminding her without fail that it was still there. She gritted her teeth as the noise came again, much closer this time as whatever it was seemed intent on climbing into the cave now. Steeling herself to at least try to scoot backwards and further away she placed both palms on the stone beneath her, getting ready to heave at any moment. And in the next second she collapsed with a sudden gasp as the unknown intruder came into sight.

A fuzzy, black-furred face appeared around the edge of the cave, eyes like tiny lanterns peering at her above a feline countenance that looked vaguely confused. The cat rumbled slightly at her, as though in confusion, and she couldn’t help but lay back, panting as she tried to slow her heartbeat. She did manage to look back at the cat however, wagging one finger as she spoke

“Bad kitty,” she said in a breathless voice, “Bad kitty.”

The cat just rumbled at her again, as though offering its own admonition.

(to be continued)

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