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These days social media is rife with people trying to push their political beliefs or simply posting memes and posts that aren’t meant to sway people but at the same time are constantly worded in ways that are meant to gently convince them that their way is right and their side is the right side.

…….crickets….are you surprised?

The political leanings of an individual are no one else’s business and that’s been an immutable fact for a long, long time now. The problem with people thinking that their side is right, and then claiming that the other side is ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’ is that eventually everyone’s got their cup and they’re downing the swill that each side is peddling.

Why stay in the middle? Well that’s simple, because in the middle you can state that you follow the basic fundamentals that are supposed to apply to everyone and make this country a decent place to live. In the middle you get to look back and forth at the people that are constantly lobbing insults and vitriol at one another and, if you’re lucky or wise, you’ll stay out of it most times. You’ll pay your taxes, do what you can for the economy, and simply sit back and watch the two main parties go toe to toe in an effort to see who’s going to gain the most influence.

Sometimes it’s fun to just sit and watch, but every now and again it gets exhausting.

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