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Seriously, why do we keep at it? Why, with all that we know is coming in life, at least in terms of what’s going to happen when we do certain things, when we get the idea of what’s going to happen if we make one decision after another, do we keep going? Well, you can argue that we don’t know what’s coming, and that would be the truth. But the answer given by some is that not knowing is terrifying, but knowing is depressing. So with that in mind, its not so much a question of why, it’s a matter of HOW.

Well, we keep going largely because staying still lets the world pass us by. If we don’t keep moving forward then we essentially decide to sit still and do absolutely nothing. Life isn’t meant to sit still, as you might notice if you stand outside for a moment. Be it human, animal, or the world in question, things keep moving and nothing sits still for long. Everything is in a state of motion in some regard, no matter that it might not be noticed.

To stay still is to not only stagnate and die that much quicker, it’s a state of mind that does not allow for growth in any possible way. The manner of thinking that was popular yesterday will not be the manner that is necessarily accepted tomorrow. Life is changing, life is moving, and life is about constantly adapting, taking that fateful step forward, and accepting that things are going to happen. The moment we deny this, the moment we decide to say that we’re too afraid to keep moving forward, is the moment that we deny that the future has any hope for any of us.

Sometimes the terror of the unknown is better than the hopelessness of what is known. There is opportunity everywhere, from your past to the present to the uncertain future. Finding that potential and making use of it is what helps us to propel ourselves forward. Having the courage to use it is what makes it possible to keep moving on.

Never be afraid to keep going, be more afraid of being left behind.

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