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It’s a good question really. What would our ancestors say to us if they saw the state of things now? Well, it kind of depends on who your ancestors were and what they stood for back in the day, but if we follow the line of thinking of a lot of people, they might wonder just why we’re all still fighting when they’d had enough of it back in the day.

Some ancestors might wonder where the glory and honor of their people went, where the supposed ivory towers disappeared to. Others might wonder just why the majesty of an empire or the peace of an open landscape have been replaced by the bustling hum of humanity and the overwhelming numbers of people that now clog so many places within the world.

But all in all, our ancestors might also marvel at what has been done with this world, and what kind of progress has been made. They might actually tell us to stop fighting one another and seek out another path, one that would lead to unity rather than the continual conflicts that we’ve seen happen from one era to the next. Why would they say this though? Why would anyone from that time say such a thing to us?

Because they were there, they knew real hardship, and no doubt it changed their minds and way of thinking near the end. Some might never have learned, might have decided that it was okay to hate, to keep on hating, and to continue the fight. But there were no doubt many that would caution against the continual violence that we visit upon one another, and would likely take us to task for the way things are now.

But you want to know the reality of this, and what our ancestors would really say? It stands to reason that they would tell us to keep moving forward, just as they did.

After all, if they hadn’t done just that, we wouldn’t be where we are now.


    1. Oh the days, even I remember back to that time, when the channel changers were still new and bigger than the cell phones we have now, hahaha.

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