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I’ve been accused of being heartless.

Those that do so have never seen past the surface.

I’ve been accused of being hateful.

Yet they’ve never seen me lower my guard.

I have been told I am harmful, racist, misogynist, transphobic, and worse.

Though my respect for others is universal until they prove it is unfounded.

The darkness you see, that you mistake for heartless, bigoted hatred, is a wall, a barrier, a border to keep out those that would take advantage of my kindness.

Those that know the light I guard, the innocence that I seek to protect, understand why the barrier exists. They know that beneath the rock there is sensitivity, vulnerability, and a desire for peace. They are the ones that have seen it, the ones that know that beneath the darkness is something worthwhile.

Those that don’t know are those that condemn, those that seek to judge based on the outer surface. Should you get to know someone, anyone, you might find the light that you want to see.

Don’t judge if you’re not ready to be judged.

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