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A lot of people get deeply offended when anyone that has never been touched by the effects of a suicide, so let’s set one thing straight. Like many, many others in this world I have experienced a suicide in my own family, more than one in fact. Like so many others I’ve experienced the pain of losing a loved one and the uncertainty of why it happened in the first place. There is a gaping hole left by those that decide to take their own lives, as it becomes the province of those left behind to wonder just what they could have done, what they could have said, to possibly make things seem more hopeful for these individuals.

What’s saddening is that it takes only one soft push in the wrong direction, and hopelessness becomes unrelenting despair that offers only one quick, feasible solution.

Suicide is seen as a weakness among those that take their own lives, a weakness of spirit, of willpower, and a cry for help that goes unanswered. But how many people are willing to tell you that despite the weakness of a soul to continue its existence, that the willpower needed to take one’s own life is tremendous? Many might not believe this since the act of suicide is seen as anything but strong on the part of the person that takes their own life. A lot of folks would gladly denounce any sense of strength that those who take that fateful plunge might possess. But it’s unfortunately quite accurate.

It’s not just the body that will struggle to survive, but also the spirit that drives it that will seek to find ways around the depression and hopelessness that tends to lead to suicide. Those that write suicide notes, leave messages, or attempt cries for helps aren’t to be ignored simply because they’re giving warning signals, but they’re also typically not bent on committing the act right then and there because their need to survive is at war with their desire to end it all.

If one thing is true about the human race, about any organism in fact, it is that we struggle to survive no matter how hopeless it seems. The willpower to go through with a suicide is quite strong, no matter what others might think, as it is an attempt override our natural inclination to survive against all odds. Those committing suicide have lost their will, and therefore their spirit has weakened to the point where the fight to exist has gone out of them, but the biological need to keep breathing, to remain among the living, is so ingrained in each one of us that overcoming it takes something much stronger than the average person possesses.

There’s no celebration to be had when it comes to realizing that many people have in fact circumvented this natural instinct, as it’s horrible to think that anyone might decide to simply end their lives over matters that could possibly get better with time. But calling a person that commits suicide weak is not an accurate statement. Something drives people to end their lives in various fashions, and the reasons are as unknown to many as anything in this world. But while their spirit might be weak, their will is unerringly strong, enough so to undo something that was instilled within our species the moment we first set foot on this world.

Suicide is a horrible and painful thing to endure, but ironically it does not come from a position of total weakness.

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