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September 9th, 2019

She woke with a shudder, arching her back as the pain from her wounded thigh gripped her anew. It was a new day, though the only reason she could tell was the fact that she’d slept only fitfully through the night, waking up again and again at every rustle, every errant noise that sounded like the skittering of segmented legs on stone. She hadn’t fallen asleep long enough to dream, but she had managed to catch a few moments here and there that had allowed her to enter a deep slumber that had helped somewhat.

The storm had passed it would seem, carrying the smell of ozone with it and leaving behind a sort of empty feeling in its wake. She didn’t lament the fact that she’d missed it, but instead was surprised that the bite from the centipede hadn’t stopped her heart considering where she’d been bitten. The thing had chomped down hard on her thigh, but had only seemed to deliver half the venom or less than she’d heard they could, as the pain was still quite bad, but not so debilitating that she couldn’t move. During the night though it had taken everything she still possessed just to slither back into the cave so that she was out of the rain.

Light filtered into her space as she tried to sit up, propping herself up on elbows that felt chafed and cracked from the amount of time she’d spent outdoors. The rough stone beneath her wasn’t forgiving as it offered a less than suitable amount of support, proving to be rather slick from the errant moisture that had made its way into her space. She knew very well that if was forced to weather too many nights like this that she wouldn’t survive, at least not in her current condition.

What little knowledge she had about bug bites indicated that if she was still alive after being bitten last night she might have a chance to survive. Without knowing enough about the creature that had bit her however she-

The clatter of something far off and the follow-up noise of brush stirring alerted her to the presence of something outside her cave, or someone. It would appear that she wasn’t alone here.

(to be continued)

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