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This world is not a kind place, that much is obvious. It’s not a place of unending cruelty either, but it certainly won’t care if a person rises or falls. Those that think this world is a place of wonders are correct, it is in fact a landscape filled with amazing things, sights, and opportunities that are just waiting to be experienced.

But it doesn’t care about your feelings.

Humanity is the one species in this world that believes they rest on a moral high ground at any given time. The personification we give to the world around us at any given moment is kind of laughable since when all is said and done it is our feelings that we’re concerned about, not those of anyone else. Make the arguments that you live for your fellow humans, that’s all well and good, and it’s very possible as well.

But don’t fool yourself into believing the world around you cares that much. The wind will blow, the snows will fall, and the seasons will change without giving in to the idea that your feelings need to be coddled. People will come and go, they’ll do as they please, and if you’re not willing to join the continual stream of humanity then few if any will bother to care about you.

Will your feelings be hurt? Possibly, very likely, yes in other words. The world doesn’t care. The fact that your fellow humans care at all is a boon that many people seem to take for granted when it happens, and piss and moan about when it doesn’t. You want respect for your feelings and your status as a person? Show you deserve it by earning it. Give people a reason to care about your feelings, give the world around you a reason to actually care whether you’re here or not.

We are imperfect beings in an imperfect world. Humanity tends to believe that caring, feeling, and resting atop the mountain of morality is the only way to live. Try explaining that to a world that has weathered eons and will continue unabated when we’re gone. So many people speak out concerning the fate of our world and our existence upon it that they forget to realize: this world cares nothing for us. It will provide, it will take, and it will continue to turn with or without us. In the grand scheme of things, your feelings mean nothing.

Does that hurt your feelings? If so, you still have a lot to learn.

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