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March 3rd, 2018

He could say this much, those that had beaten him down and nearly killed him probably hadn’t thought he would wake up. His head was throbbing particularly hard near his right temple, where he could feel a slight indent as he probed with his fingers. Another spike of agony sank inward though after his clumsy examination forced one fingertip to brush a little too hard against the spot, and his stomach heaved as the pain was too much. It took everything he had just to roll over so he wouldn’t choke on his own vomit, spewing what little was left inside as ribbons of gluey material came from his mouth.

Wiping his parched and cracked lips with the back of his left hand caused him to wince as his skin felt like sandpaper, scraping and grating along as he still wiped the spittle from his chin. Spitting out the remainder behind his lips it behooved him to look around, but once again he wasn’t too surprised. He was in the middle of nowhere it looked like, with parched and cracked badlands surrounding him for miles. There was a pile of rubble near him, leavings of a civilization that had seemingly just plopped a random pile of garbage in the midst of some long-forgotten wasteland as a bad joke. But other than that the nearest mountains looked to be too far off to even consider walking towards, and there was no sign of a town or even a road in sight.

His captors had wanted him to be difficult if not impossible to find. There was no doubt that there were predators around here, somewhere, but there was also the belief that his body would simply rot and deteriorate before anyone would ever find it. He couldn’t see any tracks, no trail, and no one scurrying off in the distance. That made sense though, there was no way they’d stick around to see if he was going to get back on his feet, and even if there was someone out there he hoped they were watching.

He even hoped they’d send word to those that had done this to him.

The devil they knew wasn’t dead yet, but he was determined to get his due.

(to be continued)

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