Let’s put it this way, education is a right, it’s an absolute right, but after high school it incurs a cost that not all people can pay depending on what choices they make in life. Yes that argument is tired, isn’t it? But at the same time it’s not since no matter where you come from, there is a chance to support one’s education. It’s called scholarships, grants, affirmative action if needed, and various other ways that can be utilized to pay for the kind of college education, or trade school, that person desires.

You want free education? Go to work in the private sector and learn the hard way. This is the only free education you will get, and at times it is the hardest education you could possibly get. Higher education is a right, but getting it for free is not. Education is a right, but the services being asked for are not free. As to the 1 percent raising their taxes so they can pay more, good luck with that. Would you want to pay 90 percent in taxes, or more, because the next generation wants something for free? Probably not.

Another thing, despite the load of student debt that is owed by so many, it was a debt that was earned, and will be paid for by those that understand that you don’t get anything for free in this world. Those of us that came before might have wanted the education for free, but we also understood that after high school that education is anything but free. We understood the fact that if we wanted something, we would have to pay for it. And to be honest, those of us that are willing to pay are still understanding of the fact that if we want it, there is a price tag attached. See that word “want”? College is not a “need”, it’s not something that’s required to survive.

Trade schools in fact can give a person a healthy and successful life and can often pay off the loans needed to complete it at the same time since trade jobs tend to pay quite well if a person applies what they’ve learned. No matter what higher education you want, it will not be free, it will not come without a cost, and asking anyone else to pay for it is a massive shot of disrespect to those that have come before you.

Education is a right of course, but the privilege of continuing forward with your education is a privilege, like it or not. And it does have a price tag.

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