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March 3rd, 2018

The sound of something crawling near his left ear woke him. Hard, chitinous claws on the dry and desiccated landscape sent spikes of fear racing down his spine, alighting upon every nerve still left to function as he jumped thanks to the sensation. Pain lit up his body like a malfunctioning circuit board, causing him to twist and bend in ways that only brought new aches and pains to mind as his body reminded him that he was still in one piece, more or less.

That was good, in a way. Pain meant you were alive, it meant that the body wasn’t quite ready to give up yet. But the amount of pain he felt in that moment almost made quitting seem feasible, despite the fact that he’d rather lick a car battery than give up. Giving in to the pain and the despair that had brought him to this state wasn’t an option, it never had been. It wasn’t in his nature and he wasn’t about to amend that now.

But lord did it hurt. Even his hair seemed to ache as the throbbing in his skull came forth in waves, pulsing through every inch of his head and up his hair follicles. It would have been a relief if that pain could have been transferred to the tips and dispersed, but it seemed to make its way up and then back down each strand to be redistributed into his skull yet again as it was fed back and forth.

He wanted to shake his head at his current predicament, thinking that he’d finally gone and done something that would earn him the end his aunt had always spoken of, but that would have meant another wave of pain. To hell with that, he wasn’t wasting a moment on self-pity or causing himself any more harm. It was time to get up, move on, and find the bastards that had done this. They had a lesson that they needed to re-learn.

You didn’t stop the beating until your prey was good and dead.

(to be continued)

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