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A king can be the alpha male, and he can be the beta.

He can be the baddest man on the planet, or the most humble soul that doesn’t seek power.

Kings are those that are looked at men that are born to lead, or are seen as inspirational individuals that others seek to follow.

They are those that will take up the sword for their people when needed, but will gladly promote the open hand of friendship in favor of war.

Kings are leaders that will seek the betterment of their people, but will never shy from the hard work that is needed to build their society up.

For all that a king is however, they are fallible beings that are only half of a union that is required to exercise true strength. They are only one part of a whole that is required to truly inspire others.

A king without a queen is a ruler, but a man that has yet to find the true power that will sustain his rule.

The queen that challenges a king, that supports him, that bolsters him, and that offers her guidance, help, and willingness to join the fight is a king’s true strength.

A queen that will wade into the fray alongside her king is the epitome of power from which a king draws his greatest strength.

She will stand by him, not behind him. She will guide him, not steer him, and she will advise him, not speak for him, nor he for her.

A true king and queen are a team, and one of the strongest forces within this world when they pair their strength in a way that allows them to build a foundation that none can sunder.

A king is nothing without his queen, just as a queen must find her king to feel complete.

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