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It’s the compassion that people feel that keeps prisoners alive and in relative comfort at times, and some of us might actually think that’s admirable. So they’re not all animals and some of them might even be in there for minor offenses that aren’t so bad. But let’s say it plainly: they broke the law.

It’s right to say that they’re not all despicable, that they’re not all so irredeemable that they should be left to rot in their cell until their last breath. But what rights do they still have? They’re human, that’s true, so they have to be taken care of, provided with food, the necessities such as heat, possibly some way to cool off in the hotter months so they don’t roast. But when people start arguing for prisoners in terms of granting them any other rights save those that are basic human necessities it’s a bit laughable.

They’re sorry for what they did? Of course they are, they got caught. They weren’t too sorry to break the law while they were doing it. In fact some of them, if you watch old clips of their hearing, were actually smiling, nodding off, or acting like they were having a good time. Not all of them are so repentant when people aren’t looking or there isn’t something on the table that might allow them to get out in less time.

These people, yes I said people, gave up a good deal of their rights, if not all of them save the most basic of the bunch, when they broke the law. People can pity them, idolize them, and preach about how prison life is so untenable, but the stark truth is that they earned their place, and their sentences, most of the time. Turning the other cheek doesn’t work as often as you might think, and forgiving a person that has wronged you in the manner these people have is possible, but pleading for a lighter sentence is an act of foolishness.

Those locked away are there for a reason, and while the basic human rights need to be observed, anything else is a luxury they gave up when they made the choice to do wrong. Prisoners are in jail for a reason, they aren’t all there because they made mistakes in the heat of the moment.

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