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There’s this strange device that some folks use in order to keep from moving forward, it’s hard to understand unless you’ve seen it and quite damaging for those that do. The negativity this device brings is simply ruinous to society, as it reflects the damage that was done long ago to the American people, not just one race, but all races, and the fallout that was bound to come.

But the trick is that this device is easy to circumvent, so long as one wants to. The mirror that we hold up in front of us is meant to show what we can be, what we should be, and the stark truth of who we are. Yet this particular mirror seems to show what came before, what some folks decide to base their life decisions upon, and what they use as an excuse as to why their lives aren’t turning out the way they want.

It’s a mirror that shows the past, the iniquities and the evils of those that sought to place themselves above others, to drive an entire race into hopelessness over some imagined sense of superiority that has been disproved more than once throughout the years. This mirror reminds people again and again of what went on back then, drawing their gaze in a way that forces them to focus upon the past at the expense of the future.

Anyone can look away from this mirror and move forward, it’s entirely possible and has been done by many. But some refuse to look away so as to focus on the future. They seem not to realize that living in the past is more harmful than anything that can come from striding into the future. They fail to recognize how putting one foot in front of the other in order to move forward can teach them more than the past ever will.

One can always turn back and see the history that has led to now, but until one steps away from that mirror it won’t be now, it will always seem like back then.

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