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Tigard, OR

Stepping towards the hall he heard the giggling again, smiling as he did. But only a second later it was cut off by a sharp knocking at the door, an insistent and almost hurried sound that set his heartbeat to racing in that second. Casting a glance at the kitchen he frowned as he saw that the space where his wife had been standing was empty, and the sink was still full with dishes that looked as though they hadn’t been washed in, well, years. Closing his eyes as he shook his head Ray heard his children laughing and playing once again, but it sounded different somehow.

The knocking came again, interrupting his thoughts as he slowly made his way to the door. Who could this be?

Moving towards the door he heard his kids laughing, and now he heard the sink running as his wife continued the dishes that she’d for some reason abandoned just a moment ago. But again everything had an odd sound to it, as though it was coming from far away, echoing in a manner that disoriented him for a moment.

What was going on?

The knocking was repeated, this time with a little more urgency as he could have sworn he saw the door shake a bit in its frame. Who was on the other side of the door? Did he want to know? What did they want?

“Ray?” This came from the front porch, a voice that he didn’t recognize and therefore immediately didn’t trust. It didn’t sound aggressive, but the knocking would suggest otherwise. He was almost hesitant to see who it was. Almost.

As he took another few steps however he reached for the doorknob, turning it slowly before pulling the door open.

(to be continued)

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