So many people in this world decide to focus upon the negatives in life, to call those that don’t go through what they experience ‘privileged’ by dint of their skin color, where they were born, who they were born to, and yet never seem to understand that despite the circumstances of their birth, their place in society, they have every opportunity to do the same thing as anyone else, to say the same, to speak up and be heard, and to accomplish whatever it is they set themselves to.

People are not oppressed in the USA, they are entitled.

They are entitled to freedoms as US citizens that are not afforded to other people across the world. They are entitled to the freedom of speech and liberty. They are entitled to do what they want with their lives. They are entitled to fight tooth and nail to achieve whatever they want and in doing so attain what others might not have.

So what keeps people from doing this? The argument is that they’re being oppressed, held down, kept from achieving their goals, and yet there are a great many factors that would argue against this.

People of color are not being held back as they claim. They are holding themselves back by asking for others to contribute to their well-being. Many of them, not all, are requesting, or demanding, the white people, and others, give up their wealth in order that they might be paid reparations for what was done to their people in the past.

There’s only one major problem with that. They are not those people from the past. No matter what arguments are brought forth, these folks are complaining that they aren’t being paid back for something that happened to those that are no longer with us. Do folks that lived through such times and are alive today deserve reparations for the damage they suffered? Of course they do. But those that were born free and have been free deserve what they earn, nothing more. They are entitled to the chance to earn a living just as anyone else, and nothing more.

But wait, white people of today are profiting off of what our ancestors perpetrated in the past, right? Nope.

We’re working our asses off to provide for ourselves, our families, and our society. ALL of us, even those that think they are entitled to something they didn’t work for. Oppression is an excuse a person uses to complain when they don’t get their way, a manner by which they use skin color, race, and any other card they can pull from the ever-expanding deck that continues to be rebuilt every month, every year.

You are not oppressed in any way that is not of your own doing in this era. You want to prove you’re worth your entitlement? Work for it, earn it, like everyone else. Until then, your ‘oppression’ is a product of a weak mind that cannot fend for itself.

Oh yeah, I said it.

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