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Emotion is great, having emotions is wonderful, and experiencing them when it’s seen as worthwhile and even appropriate is what makes us human. But abandoning all reason and logic to live a life that’s based solely on emotion and whatever rushed facts and statistics that one can gather in a given minute is not working. The PC culture that has existed up to this point and in fact still exists has managed to keep a lot of people from being offended and able to feel safe, right?


If anything it’s made people miserable since it began. So yeah, it’s obvious that some of the things that are said to people and some of the ways we express ourselves is anything but nice. But does that grant anyone the right to start censoring another person for speaking their opinions? Hate speech is horrible, but it’s protected unless someone is actively calling for harm or for specific action against someone else that is in any way a violation of their right to exist.

But PC culture is a severe moral violation of our right to speak, to think, and in some ways to act as we want. Do words hurt you? Do ideas scare you? Do opinions bother you so much that you need a safe space to recover after hearing them? If they do, then why is that the problem of the people expressing them? At some point in your life it’s necessary to grow up a bit and realize that the world is not a nice place. Yes, we want it to live up to our ideals and be comfortable with those around us. We want to be able to look at our neighbors and say “I’m okay, you’re okay, we’re all okay.”

But that’s not how it works all the time.

This world doesn’t care about your feelings. It doesn’t care if you’re offended by something that another person says. People are going to say what they want if you haven’t figured it out by now, and legally there’s only so many times that you can stop them. PC culture has helped to make a sissified nation of people that are afraid to speak up for fear that they’ll offend someone. It’s created a group of people that know how to lash out incoherently without taking the time to reason and to speak through their differences.

PC culture is one of the reasons why SJW’s think that they have the moral high ground. People are so afraid to speak out, to say anything that mind offend another person, that it’s become a social stigma to open your mouth in some areas of the country.

In all honesty, PC culture had its time and place, for all of ten seconds when it was first conceived.

Think when you feel, and realize that emotions are best utilized when grounded by coherent thought.

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