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Tigard, OR

He had to wrinkle his nose as he started in on the dishes, the reek was actually pretty bad this time. The grime he felt beneath his fingers though was something that he was a bit confused by since he didn’t think it had been that long. Turning to listen to his children however he forgot about it for a moment as he listened closely, wondering why he couldn’t hear them any longer. His wife had told him that he was being paranoid more than once when he’d stated that he couldn’t hear them.

But he couldn’t hear them now.

Turning off the sink for a moment he moved from the counter to the archway, straining his ears as he tried to hear something, anything. It was just too quiet.

So thinking he made his way from the kitchen to the hallway, still listening as he was making his way along. There were three bedrooms, two to his left and one to his right, with a bathroom on the right as well. His children should have been playing in the room furthest down the hall to the left. Yet he couldn’t hear them.

“Everything okay back here girls?”


He jumped slightly as the girls, three of them, jumped out at him from the bathroom that he’d just come upon, giggling madly as he smiled and turned towards them. He recoiled for just a moment at what he saw however, as instead of sparkling blue eyes she saw empty sockets staring back at him, their grins skeletal and chattering as they jumped up and down.

“We scared you daddy we scared you!” cried the oldest, Jamie.

“Yeah you did,” he breathed, blinking as the images of skulls was replaced by the giggling and happy faces of his little girls.

(to be continued)

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