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“Hypocrisy is noting the sins of others and pretending to be righteous.”


Ever notice how protesters will gladly yell at police, catcall them, and condemn each and every person in a police uniform for the actions of those that bring shame to the force? Yet watch those same people closely when they’re assaulted with the cops in plain view. They’ll be the first to cry out for the cops to do their job, to protect them, to stand in front of them so they’re not harmed. These same people they condemn they will cower behind when their own rights are being infringed upon, only to turn around and condemn them once again when the ‘danger’ is past.

This is not the act of a reasonable, rational mind. Those that cry out against all those that are there to protect them are among the worst of hypocrites. These folks use the cops and the laws of the land as a security blanket in order to protect themselves so that they might condemn those same people and laws that are in place to keep them safe and able to speak their views.

Let’s put it this way, you’re allowed to have your opinion, you’re allowed to speak your mind, but the moment you deny the veracity of your home and those that are charged with your protection it seems as though it might be fair to say ‘you’re on your own’. Would you defend a friend that pushes you away and accuses you of being useless? Probably not.

But hey, this is America, our police officers, many who experience more danger than many of us in a given day will ever see, are charged with our protection. If you don’t want it, then don’t hide behind them.

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